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About us.

The Company

Sanchez Machine takes pride in distributing and manufacturing high-quality custom made barrels for a variety of paintball markers. We have been manufacturing our barrels since 1998 and distributed our finished products to well known companies within the paintball industry such as System X, Worr Games, and OTP, just to name a few.

The Founder

Luis Sanchez is the president and creator of the company. He has been involves with the paintball barrel manufacturing industry for many years. In 1998 (after 9 years of employment), Luis Sanchez left his previous company that manufactured paintball barrels to form his own. He wanted to design and produce high quality items that would cater to the needs of almost everyone. His goal was to be able to offer his products to the public at a competitive price, but still maintain the excellence of his products. Luis Sanchez knew that he would only be able to fulfill this goal by producing and distributing his merchandise under one company. As a result, Sanchez Machine was created.

The Products

All of the products from the Sanchez Machine Barrel System line are original designs. The barrel itself consists of detachable pieces that are connected by threading. There is a stainless steel section and an aluminum section. The uses of both stainless steel and 6061T6 Grade aluminum creates a very durable barrel and still have the barrel remain reasonably priced. Also, with the use of two materials, we are able to possess and apply the strengths of each material. The stainless steel gives the paintball a lower level of friction upon early acceleration which increases gas efficiency. The aluminum tip allows the barrel to be lighter weight, and the symmetrical design of the porting found in our barrels decrease the amount of sound coming from the gun.

SM-1 Three Piece interchangeable barrel system

  • 14" Length standard Custom lengths from 16"-10" on request.
  • Bore sizes in Large bore(.689,.691,.693,.695) or Small Bore(.689,.686,.683,.681)
  • new Small Bore sizers .677 and .679 now available for Autococker Thread 
  • Colors in Black,Red,Blue,Green,Polished with a clear Anodize instead of Nickel or Chrome.Dusted or Polished.
  • We currently make back sleeves for Autococker,Angel,Bushmaster,Impulse,Shocker,Spyder and Tippman98
  • Custom engraved bore size on each bore sleeve.So there is no doubt what size bore you are using.
  • This is the straightest shooting barrel you could ever own and use on all your markers to date.