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Sanchez Machine Work shop Capabilities

Our motto at SM-1 is: If we don't have it and you want it, we will build it for you. We have the capability of doing more than just paintball markers. We work with 2 CNC Lathes. 1 CNC mill 20X30. Another CNC mill 16X20. We also have 2 vertical and 2 horizontal honing, one tool room lathe and more.

Sanchez Machine has manufactured parts for Custom LCD/LED Frames, Aerospace board and cable management,  Personal requests for custom made machined parts as well as satisfying business needs for high quality prototype and production parts in a variety of materials.

There is no need to go outside of the U.S. Get what you need manufactured and built here at home. Here we will post some photos of work we have done besides paintball markers. Feel free to Contact Us for any questions. 


  • "i purchased my sm-1 about a year ago. it was a toss up between the ccm t2 and the sm1. the reason why i picked up the sm1 was because of the size, trigger feel and being unique...."
    ryan i
    loving my sm-1
  • "Love his barrels. Many manufacturers also have, so don't just take my word for it. Love his pump kits too. His sniper is like an STI. Faster, and cheaper than a Porsche."
    Jack Lo Cicero