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 February 14, 2014

It has been awhile since our last update - talk about a busy end of year - first off Welcome to 2014!!!! and secondly Happy Valentines! Exciting news is on the horizon so stay tuned for the latest offerings from Sanchez Machine coming soon! 


April 12, 2012


The Ultra Low Rise Feedneck made its debut on the field this past Saturday and held up to field use and a variety of hoppers.  From the Rotor down to the SM1 Feedtube the clamping feedneck held on well and held up even better.  Now available in both thread in as seen above and WGP style thread on for $34.95 introductory pricing. 

April 5, 2012

This weekend will see the testing of a new ultra low rise feedneck - pictures and review coming soon!  Orbium 3 system barrel kits are back in stock - check out our online store or contact Luis directly with any inquiries.  Our new Autococker threaded small bore kits are also available in the store with .677 .679 and .681 backs and a small plastic case for $79.95 in both right hand and left hand thread. 

March 18, 2012 

Exciting new products on the Horizon, Luis has just finished prototyping a brand new ultra low rise clamping feed neck - expect pictures of the prototype soon as it is now going to field testing.  Also back in stock at the store - more SM-1 markers!  Dust Red, Dust Black, and Camo SM-1 markers assembled and ready now here at Sanchez Machine!  Sanchez Machine is also proud to announce a new Stick Feed evolution for older Right and Left feed Sniper2 and Sniper2 clones.

Pardon the dust in our online store as we expand more products to be available online.  As always, if you have interest in multiple items or questions on cost and shipping - feel free to call the shop between 9 and 7 Pacific Monday through Friday.  Or pop Luis a message using the contact page.

March 11, 2012

Product News - Sanchez Machine is proud to announce the return of the SM-I, SM-1 Quiet System, and SM-III Barrel kits with 4 sizers included .679 .683 .686 .689 and a 14in tip for

SM-1 3 piece barrel w/4 sizers $149.95

SM-1 Quiet system 3 piece barrel w/4 sizers $149.95

SM-3 2 piece barrel system w/4 sizers $134.95

Also available in limited quantities are .677 sizers in Autococker thread.



  • "i purchased my sm-1 about a year ago. it was a toss up between the ccm t2 and the sm1. the reason why i picked up the sm1 was because of the size, trigger feel and being unique...."
    ryan i
    loving my sm-1
  • "Love his barrels. Many manufacturers also have, so don't just take my word for it. Love his pump kits too. His sniper is like an STI. Faster, and cheaper than a Porsche."
    Jack Lo Cicero